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Staircase Renovation Leicestershire

Staircase Renovation LeicestershireYour staircase is an important feature of your home.  A good quality staircase renovation or refurbishment can dramatically change the look of your house.  It can add a more modern, fresh look to the style of your house.

The stairs are generally in the entrance hall of your house and have an immediate visual impact on anyone entering your home.

Having a set of stairs ripped out and then rebuilt can be a major job and a significant trauma for your household. We can renovate it so that it looks on a par with the rest of your decor.  Stairs do not have to look drab and uninspiring.  Refurbishment your staircase can dramatically add impact to the look and feel of your hallway.

Staircase Refurbishment

There is a convenient and affordable alternative to the disruption of having your staircase demolished and replaced. Taking out a staircase and replacing it means that you would need t have no stairs to your upper floor(s) for about 5 days.  It is also unnecessary.

We can transform your existing staircase into a great looking, handcrafted feature.

We will remove all the non-structural elements of your existing staircase and replace them with a new set of wooden furniture that will add an outstanding piece of individual craftsmanship to your home.

Refurbishing staircases is not just a case of ripping one set out and then putting a new set in.  It is a bizarre fact that you can legally have a set of stairs already in your house that do not satisfy Building Regulations, but if they are replaced they must satisfy those Regulations.  We will advise you on how this will affect your staircase project.

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Rob has a very well equipped workshop. You only have to look around at what he is currently making to see the quality of his workmanship. He only did a very simple job for me (simple for him that is…) which was outstanding, impossible to see the join! Thanks Rob.