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At home with wood, at home with nature

BirdOnTheHandThroughout his life Rob McVey has loved working with wood, and this love of natural things has moved on to his love of nature.

Rob is a keen and gifted photographer who enjoys capturing images of the natural world.  When he is out and about, Rob is seldom without his trusted camera that he uses whenever the opportunity arises.

Rob likes shooting wildlife for the simple reason that it’s rewarding to him as it gives him a sense of achievement.  But most of all he gets great pleasure from his photography.  This is for much the same reasons as he enjoys working with wood, his attention to detail and love of natural beauty.

Nature photography gives him a real appreciation about the world that we all live in. It allows him the opportunity to see and experience things that are often taken for granted.  Having a strong interest in nature means that he is able to record the things that he adores in nature.

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  ~ Albert Einstein


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Published Date: 31st August 2016
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Rob has a very well equipped workshop. You only have to look around at what he is currently making to see the quality of his workmanship. He only did a very simple job for me (simple for him that is…) which was outstanding, impossible to see the join! Thanks Rob.